Sean Hebert is a Toronto-based stand-up comedian and writer who earned nearly a decade of experience entertaining audiences across Canada before moving to China in 2012. In his three years living in Asia, he brought his unique perspective to twelve countries around the region as a touring headliner, in addition to regular hosting gigs for marquee acts like Dave Chappelle, Ari Shaffir, Tom Segura, Kyle Kinane, and Barry Hilton.

When not on the road, Sean built a name for himself in Hong Kong, where he was a headliner at the Magner’s International Comedy Festival in 2015 and was twice selected as a finalist in the Hong Kong International Comedy Competition. His breadth of work around the Hong Kong scene also earned him favourable coverage from publications like TimeOut Hong Kong, Mirth + More Magazine, HK Magazine, The South China Morning Post, and – hold your applause – the Philippine Airlines’ in-flight magazine.

(Click here to hear Sean chat about his experiences overseas on ‘Hostel Territory ‘ – Episode 243 of Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank podcast.)

When wielding a microphone, Sean shamelessly packs topical jokes, crowd work, storytelling, and (often self-deprecating) situational humor into his diverse act, which is a real fancy way of saying that he screams a lot and occasionally talks about his genitals. As a comedian and emcee, Sean has hosted or performed at events held by everything from Universities to charities, and for established corporate brands like Bloomberg News, Sony, and General Mills.

His goals for 2019 include setting fire to himself on stage using only denim friction, and finally becoming house trained.

               “Energetic, creative and very funny… a professional on and off the stage”                                                                                        Jami Gong (Founder of TakeOut Comedy Club – Hong Kong)

               “Great show… a storytelling wizard, and a breath of fresh air”                                                                                                             Umar Rana (Founder of Comedy Masala – Singapore)



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